Double Rotary

Salient Features

  • Machine Is totally enclosed, I.e. Top half of the machine (compression zone) with SS. Hood and acrylic covers and lower half of the machine complete with mat finished S.S. Covers.
  • This reduces the noise level and to & fro flow of dust between compression zone and M/c room.
  • Antivibration mounting provided. Hence no foundation required.
  • Large paint free compression zone with plenty of space for ease of cleaning & accessibility of components.
  • Electronic total output counter is provided on the control panel.
  • Enhanced RPM upto 50 for higher productivily.
  • Friction plate Is provided on cam plate to mini mise wear & tear of cam tracl which also facilitates its easy replacement.
  • Upper punch dust covers ate provided to avoid callection of dust on punch head.

Extra Features on Demand

  • 3 Pc turret with 5.5. 316 Die Pot and lower punch seal
  • Normal Depth of fill 20 mm and 30 mm on Demand
  • Pre compression
  • Clutch
  • PLC Control
  • Upper Punch Penetration
  • Outside Control for pressure and weight
  • Auto lubrication
  • Force feeder
  • Two sided lifting upper track (Tunnel type)
  • Hi-layer arrangement

Technical Specifications

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